ELIAS is an ESF Research Networking Programme. It was launched in 2011 for a duration of five years, with support from 12 European countries. The ELIAS network is motivated by the growing scientific evidence of a need for a complete overhaul of the methodology used for evaluating information access systems.

There is a need for producing novel evaluation methods that take a user-oriented perspective on assessing the effectiveness of information access systems. ELIAS aims at achieving an evaluation methodology directed at user-oriented interactive evaluation, a new and tested set of interactive evaluation metrics, infrastructure and test suites based on these and an ongoing collaborative forum with evaluation cycles with a focus on evaluating information access systems, as well as producing a European network of new researchers trained in the improved methodologies.

To facilitate this paradigm shift, ELIAS offers funding opportunities for research meetings (conferences, workshops) with a focus on evaluation-related research, and individual researchers in the area of evaluation and simulation, who benefit greatly from a visit to a host institute. To find out more about funding opportunities through ELIAS, please visit the ELIAS page on the ESF website .

If you want to get in touch with the ELIAS network, please use the following email addresses:

  • Organizers: elias -at- list.dot.uva.dot.nl